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So,?the four of us here at Ball Dont Lie Dan Devine, Kelly Dwyer, Eric Freeman and Ben Rohrbach figured snapshots from our coverage this season would be?the best way to tell the story of our ballots. Consider this a timeline of moments that helped shape our decisions during?an entertaining 2016-17. Keep in mind: these awards are completely subjective.?So they also happen to be 100 percent accurate.

The guy could do it all, they said. So, when the team wins 53 games and earns really cheap nba jerseys the conferences No. 1 seed in the playoffs, its hard to argue against anyone who says, He just makes you better, even as Horford submitted the worst rebounding rate (11.8 percent) of his career, his lowest true shooting percentage since his rookie year, a lower win score per 48 minutes than all but his first two seasons, and a worse on/off rating than fellow starting big man Amir Johnson.

NBA playoff push: Celtics finish with East’s top markCavs or Celtics for No. 1 in the East? Clippers or Jazz for home-court out West? Teams are jockeying for position and fighting for their postseason lives. Here’s a look at the races to watch.

The Bulls are up 2?C0 on the Celtics. The series is far from over, but even Chicago’s 2?C0 lead has left the basketball world shocked. And if this is how it feels for everyone else, it’s gotta be twice as confusing for Bulls fans. To help explain what’s happening,?on Thursday?afternoon, Andrew Sharp traded e-mails with conflicted, befuddled Bulls fan Jeremy Woo. (Note: this conversation took place prior to the news that Rajon Rondo is out indefinitely with a thumb fracture.)

NBA Playoffs 2017: Full coverageWe’ve got you covered all the way to the Finals with the latest news, schedules, analysis and more. 2017 NBA Playoffs ?

There’s so

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much to like about Fox. He’s got a tight handle, he moves like The Flash with the ball in his hands, he’s a relentless defender, a willing basket-attacker and a shrewd distributor. All of which will be put to good use in cheap jerseys nba authentic basketballs game from yahoo the pros, but there’s one thing that could preclude him joining Fultz on All-Star ballots for years to come: Fox can’t shoot. He averaged only 0.65 points on halfcourt jumpers at Kentucky last season, according to Synergy. Fox also attempted just 69 three-point shots and hit only 17 of them, good for 24.6%. Those numbers are alarming in an age where bricklayers risk cramping their teams’ offenses and constricting lineup flexibility. Opponents could ignore Fox on the perimeter to clog the paint, and Fox could see defenders go under ball screens on pick-and-roll actions, inviting him to rise and fire with the comfort that his shots probably won’t fall. That said, Fox’s J is not a lost cause. His form can be corrected, and he also sank 73.6% of his 211 free-throw attempts vipjerseystore with the Wildcats. Plus, subpar college shooting doesn’t always persist in the NBA. Leonard is the most notable success story, but among point guards, both Kemba Walker and Kyle Lowry have made huge strides since leaving UConn and Villanova, respectively.

Nov. 7, 2016: Back in cheap jerseys September, our Kelly Dwyer invoked that sainted 1988-89 Michael Jordan season as a template for the havoc about to be wreaked by an unchained Russell Westbrook. Whod have thought?wed be blessed enough as basketball Elias Lindholm jersey wholesale fans to have two dudes carving that kind of swath through opposing defenses night in and night out this season?

With the possibility of the first undefeated NBA playoff run before them, the Warriors wound up on the wrong side of history. The Cavaliers had the highest-scoring first quarter (49 points) and first half (86 points) and the most 3-pointers (24) in the NBA Finals. Things were so tilted toward Cleveland that Deron Williams even got his first points in his first Finals after logging 44 scoreless minutes in the series, ending the longest initial scoring drought in cheap jersey nba uk players drafted in nba NBA Finals history.

Gilbert, on the other hand, should be headed for some sleepless nights. Initial reports indicate that he is targeting former NBA All-Star turned commentator Chauncey Billups as Griffins replacement, a bold and risky move given that James is entering a contract year, Cleveland has limited salary-cap flexibility, trade talks involving big names have bene ongoing, and there are less than two weeks before free agency opens. There is no time for a first-timer like Billups to learn on the job or get up to speed. Griffins replacement will face immediate and unrelenting pressure to keep pace with Golden State and appease James, but ultimately the blame for any managerial shortcomings will be passed up the chain to Gilbert.

The Colts still picked Elway and told the Elways they planned to keep John. After Elway went public with his plans to instead play baseball for the Yankees, Baltimore ultimately traded him to Denvernot one of his listed teams, but not on his blacklist, either.

The MVP vote happening before the playoffs has always led to odd results. No one except Jordan should have won an MVP during his title run, but the cheap jerseys direct nba rumors 2016 cavs voting happened before he carved up the eventual award winners in the postseason. Dirk Nowitzki won the MVP in 2006-07 but exited from the first round of the playoffs. He won a title in 2010-11 and came in sixth in MVP voting Mitchell Marner jersey cheap behind winner Derrick Rose. Steve Nash captured two MVPs but never reached the Finals.

View photosLeBron James and Dwyane Wade, not in uniform. (Getty Images)MoreIn it the Heat president, in place since 1995 and with just one break in the action (during the 1990-91 season, as an NBC TV analyst) since the 1960s, discusses the high school reunion party from 2013 he organized, pitched after the Heats third championship with nfl jerseys china cheap him as boss. While a series of prominent baby boomer-era hits (My Girl, Listen to the Music, and Born to Run are mentioned in the piece, the guy didnt even have time for album tracks) played at a party that cost Riley $160,000, he briefly considered walking away before what would have been James last year in nfl jerseys for women cheap Miami.

More quick and strong than vertically explosive, Peak will face a big adjustment at the NBA level, where he’ll need to lean on and improve his skill level and rely less on his natural gifts. His shooting percentages took a step backward with increased volume as a junior. Becoming a threat from distance is pivotal given how much he’ll have to function off the ball, where he’s active and can get himself open underneath, but won’t draw serious attention in spot-up situations at present. Peak can also make plays on the ball, where he’s displayed the ability to make intelligent passes. He doesn’t yet have the one skill to qualify him as a specialist, per se, which makes him harder to project. Peak is a potential late second?Vround selection.