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When Cleveland hit a scoring drought in the fourth quarter, Indiana had plenty of opportunity to get back in the game. The Cavs only seemed to exercise any playoff-level resolve in the final minutes, providing little defensive resistance until it was absolutely necessary. For the most part, this game had the character of an early season contest ?? the atmosphere and excitement were there, but the cohesiveness that??s supposed to grow over an 82-game season was absent. Perhaps nothing summed up the experience better than the?sight of point guard Jeff Teague regularly switching to guard LeBron and Kyrie Irving

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attempting to stop George in the fourth quarter. Playoff?intensity has rarely felt so?flippant.

But the NBA and NCAA are moving forward. In April, the NCAA announced that it was reluctantly ending its ban on the state hosting tournament games; two weeks later, it awarded first- and second-round games to Charlotte in 2018, as well as first-round games to Greensboro in ??20 and Raleigh in ??21. Now, the NBA has followed suit. While we understand the concerns of those who say the repeal of HB2 did not go far enough, we believe the recent legislation eliminates the most egregious aspects of the prior law, Silver said in the league??s statement.

And Westbrook will stand in place, sometimes awkwardly, until a hole is formed with ample space to walk through without touching anyone.

In an NBA tradition that is maybe only matched by the TNT Bulls, the Toronto Raptors lost Game 1 of their first-round playoff series on Saturday. Toronto is 1?C11 all-time in opening games, and this time, the Raps were bested by a young, lanky Milwaukee Bucks team that imposed their will from the opening tip. And just like in Game 1 losses of years past, the Toronto offense looked nothing like the top-10 group it was during the regular season.

His mom remembers looking out her window one Easter to see her son riding through the neighborhood standing on his bike seat, trying to do jumps into the street. Not very much fear, she says. Like when he took karate the instructor said, ‘I’m afraid ‘Kelle’s gonna try to, like, jump through the wall.’

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The Pacers are in the Pistons category: there are wholesale authentic soccer jerseys enough bigger, scarier existential questions to make this pick a secondary concern. Given the confusion about the future with or without Paul George, let’s give them John Collins, probably the most productive and skilled power forward in the draft. He can’t really stretch the floor at this point, but that’s OK, because he’s awesome.

On Monday in New York, Kanter lashed out at Erdogan at a news conference, calling him the Hitler of our century.

Now cheap jerseys if you go into the kitchen and open the cabinet, you??ll find the stash. Lollipops and chocolate. It??s a small thing, but it??s something. They need to live. So he made certain Lael??the one everyone says is so much like Ingrid and who??d been a rock the week of the funeral, making medical decisions, caring for her sisters, and helping plan the service??went off to college at Wheaton, rather Joe Johnson jersey youth than stay home. And he guards against becoming too protective. By no means does he have it figured out, but he??s trying.

View photosRussell Westbrook can??t hear anything. (Getty Images)MoreIf that doesn??t seem fair, in a team sport that has blessed the cheap authentic baseball jerseys Rockets with a series of Utah Jazz cheap jersey shooters and finishers that rank a full step above the limited OKC helpers, then dig Westbrook??s insistence from Tuesday, when asked about the work of Rockets guard Patrick Beverley: