Heroes come and go, legend lives forever

Heroes come and go, legend lives forever



Dec. 18, 2017—just one day like another for most people, is an unforgettable date for Bryant fans. For them, it’s time to say goodbye to bygone days, and to start of something new.

H owever it’s always not too easy to live a life without all those familiar stuffs. You will often flash back the time that you’re in purple and gold Kobe Bryant Jerseys, moving as fast as you can to catch the ball, imitating every movement of him. It seems that you could never be tired. You collect everything about him to show your love. You even name your pets Peter Pan or Black Mamba, cause you know it is all about Kobe. In memory of your birthday, you bought yourself a set of No.8 . From then on, you witnessed Bryant made the switch from No.8 to No.24, from Peter Pan to Black Mamba.

You’ve experienced many spacial moments in your life, but it can still shock you for a while, when our old man announced to have his number retired. When No.8 and 24 hang in home arena of Staples Center, people knew it’s time to let our hero take a rest after 20 years incredible athletic career. Everyone puts on or to pay their respects to this legendary swingman — Greatest of all time.

B uzzer beater, slam dunk, classic fade-away shot, frequent cross over, unbelievable last shot and biting the jerseys, he can always catch your eyes. And he won’t miss every opportunity to win the game. And it’s time to turn over a new leaf. And now “Mamba out”, but Mamba Mentality still exists.

Now, Every has been big part of those beautiful days. Look and feel those NBA Jerseys you’ve collected, soft and breathable, the past time seems touchable. Act and make decisions like Bryant, never quit, be passionate and fearless, always remain true to ourselves.

We can be our heroes when we’re in Bryant jerseys.