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Second, we did not make the playoffs in the past season, as a player who always want to win and work hard to prepare myself for winning, it??s very hard to accept the way the season ended. Though I am 40 years already, I still work very hard to keep my body right, I can still play at a very high level, I am sure all the fans could tell from last season I??m still capable of playing. I was still able to lead the team to compete, even with an injured leg. I pulled my hamstring at the beginning of the season and I still played and put everything on the court because that??s who I am. I want to play, I love to compete, I [pursue]?winning all the time, l love basketball because it??s my life, I still have a lot in the tank that [makes]?me really want to play for another year. I want to dedicate this last year of my career in the best way possible on the court for the CBA, then I??ll retire and work as a coach to help the basketball here for the rest of my life.

The hand-offs that we do??I can read his body, Gasol said of Conley. I can read his legs, his feet, and how they’re positioned. I don’t even need to look at his hands or face. Just by looking at his lower body I know what he’s trying to do because we’ve done it so much. So once I see him slow and kind of take a step one way, I know if he’s gonna keep going or if he’s gonna stop and pop back or if he’s gonna go backdoor.

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It is difficult to glean intent from a clip like that, no matter how many times you rewatch the footage ?? though it is perhaps worth noting, as SB Nation??s Tim Cato did, that this isn??t Rondo??s first rodeo when it comes to treating that balky knee with curiously timed leg extensions:

But Thomas?? heroics, a strong game from Horford (19 points, eight assists, seven rebounds in 40 minutes, though the final 17 1/2 of those featured zero rebounds) and 14 3-pointers weren??t enough to overcome the shotmaking of Butler and Portis, or Chicago??s ability to clean the glass:

HOUSTON (AP) — Although James Harden is Houston’s undisputed star, he can’t top Russell Westbrook entirely on his own.

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As one of the game??s best table-setters, Wall is having the kind of season that all but a

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few would envy. Wall is the first player in NBA history to record at least 1,800 points, 800 assists, 150 steals, and 50 blocks in a season and joined Westbrook and Harden as the only players in the league to average at least 20 points and 10 assists. He has flaunted that success with flair by splitting double-teams with that whirling, around-the-waist dribble, pirouetting before firing assists and employing old, And1 mixtape moves on unsuspecting defenders.

The blooper-generating McGee is not the one that has shown up for the Warriors. He has made an obvious impact. His defensive efforts helped spur the Warriors?? Game 3 comeback win?over the Trail Blazers?on Saturday night, and he??s making the most of his?offensive opportunities, converting 16 of his 19 field-goal attempts in the series.

As Smart backpedaled on defense, he continued to look not at the ball or his man, Dwyane Wade, but rather back in the direction where he took his shot. As he crossed half-court, he raised his right hand, extended his middle finger, and then appeared to point in that direction. He then raised his left hand and brought his index finger to his lips, as if to suggest somebody ?? perhaps a fan sitting courtside ?? should be quiet.

Irving enters the Finals on a roll, averaging 24.5 PPG in the playoffs and riding high from a 42-point outburst against Boston in Game 4. He??s a match-up problem for everyone, including the league??s best defense.

I think that’s his strength: that he reads the game, D’Antoni said. If we need 40 from him because they do a lot of switching, he gets 40. If they’re not doing a lot of switching, he can do the hockey pass, which he doesn’t get credit for, or make the determining pass, which he does. shopstyle promotion codes He will do that. He will do whatever it takes to make our offense really good, and that’s why we average a lot of points all year, because he does what needs to be done. He’s one of the best at it that I’ve ever seen.

It??s not ideal. It??s not aesthetically pleasing. It just is what it is. And who knows how long Jimmy Butler can last at it. But there the Bulls forward was Sunday evening, stretched out over two locker room chairs when Hoiberg stopped by to offer some whispered counsel. Butler absorbed it and cheap nba jerseys gave his muted but emphatic approval of whatever message was delivered. And then he told his coach he??d come into work early on Monday.

The Blazers had some real lowlights on the other side of the blowout, including star C.J. McCollum??s second scoreless Jameer Nelson game jersey half of a terrific season. However, point guard Damian Lillard showed his heart and commitment to Portland to finish a season that occasionally saw him lose his luster in the eyes of many fans. Lillard stayed in the game through the bulk of the devastation and finally checked out for the first time with 6:12 remaining in the fourth quarter. His 34 points on 12-of-24 shooting didn??t get the Blazers back in the game, but Lillard offered an impressive performance nonetheless.