Restyled Burning Sun via Extremely Light by Wazdan Is Out

Restyled Burning Sun via Extremely Light by Wazdan Is Out

Round Head IconSeptember 7, 2023 – CasinoBloke

Burning Sun™ is back, and it’s better than ever! The leading game provider Wazdan has announced the release of its brand-new Extremely Light slot collection. The collection contains a string of highly successful Wazdan slots that were updated and revamped to fit the small mobile screens. Fans of Burning Sun™ will be pleased to know that the collection contains a new slimmed down version of their favourite game as well.

Wazdan Lite

The initiative to bring the most popular Wazdan slots to smaller screens is an amazing feat. Players who enjoy gambling on their smartphones often cannot enjoy all the content they are used to see on their desktop casinos, but Wazdan is making impossible possible.

Namely, the conveniently named Extremely Light slot collection is a collection of games that were remodelled to fit the mobile casino requirements. That means their graphics were redesigned into something a bit simpler and something that fits the mobile screens.

Moreover, the games are also infinitely lighter, consuming way less energy and loading more than twice faster than before. These changes allow the players to play longer and in better conditions.

A Burning Start

This is the first Extremely Light slot collection for Wazdan, and they are opening the story with the best possible slots. Burning Sun™, alongside 9 Coins™, is among the most popular Wazdan games out there, and so it’s great that the company is starting with these two games. However, there’s no need to worry – there are many plans in the future to bring out other popular releases. We must note that both games – and all subsequent Extremely Light games, shall retain their famous special game features, so there is no loss in the experience when you switch to the mobile-friendly game versions.

Andrzej Hyla, Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan said that they are thrilled about the launch, as it makes their highly popular games “even more accessible to players around the world”. We cannot wait and see what other games join Burning Sun™ and 9 Coins™.

Author: Thomas King